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Dr. Samantha Vaughan-Jones
Dr. Samantha Vaughan-Jones

Consultant Dermatologist
Ashford and St Peter’s Foundation Trust
Chertsey, Surrey, United Kingdom

I am a consultant dermatologist at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospital Foundation Trust with a special interest in pregnancy dermatoses.

I trained at St. Thomas’s Hospital in London. I then did my medical registrar rotation at St. Peters Chertsey where I decided on a career in dermatology mentored by Dr Sallie Neill.

I returned to St John’s Institute of Dermatology as Senior House Officer for David McGibbon and Martin Black, doing research in Immunofluorescence with Balbir Bhogal. I was introduced to the pregnancy dermatoses in clinic by Martin Black who then supervised me during my two years of research. In 1996 I completed my MD thesis on Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy and set up a dedicated pregnancy skin clinic.

I became a consultant at Ashford and St Peter’s Foundation Trust in 1997 and later in 2012 established a pregnancy skin clinic, accepting local and tertiary referrals.

I have chaired symposia on pregnancy-related skin disease at the World Congress, EADV and AAD and have Chaired the European Pregnancy Task Force since 2016. This Task Force has published patient information leaflets on common skin disease in pregnancy and now introduced the Residents’ Fostering course on Pregnancy Dermatology.