About Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is capital of the United Arab Emirates with its centre situated on an island, separated from the mainland by a narrow water channel. The city makes full use of this natural asset, with the impeccably maintained Corniche, running for several kilometres along the shoreline and a focal point for social activities. It is a thoroughly modern city with gleaming skyscrapers and beautifully landscaped gardens but there remains a pride in its culture and heritage.

In recent years, Abu Dhabi has become increasingly well known, both through its dramatically enhanced tourism facilities and its worldwide sponsorships and partnerships. The city now plays hosts to a Formula 1 race on what is probably the world’s best racing facility. The first ever branch of the Louvre is due to open in the next year or two on Saadiyat Island, a dedicated cultural centre that will also house a branch of the Guggenheim. It is home to the most expensive hotel ever built, the magnificent Emirates Palace and regularly hosts world-class cultural and sporting events. In short, Abu Dhabi has become a truly cosmopolitan capital city and it is well worth extending your stay to enjoy its many attractions.