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David Cremonisini

David Cremonesini

Consultant Paediatrician
Mediclinic Parkview Hospital
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. David Cremonisini is trained and qualified in Paediatrics and Allergy in the UK. He studied at Oxford University and then in London and has worked as a Paediatrician since 1997. He has worked at Royal Brompton Hospital specialising in breathing problems and in 2018 graduated from the University of Southampton with an MSc in Allergy.

Dr. David has worked as a consultant in Paediatrics in UK since 2010. From 2014 – 2016 he was a consultant paediatrician at American Hospital, Dubai. He is a general paediatrician but has a speciality in allergy and performs skin prick tests and food challenges. He can manage all allergic conditions including asthma, eczema, food allergy, anaphylaxis and offers a full service in his clinic. Where there is doubt he can do challenges in hospital.

He also works with the dietician at Mediclinic Parkview Hospital and has links with ENT, dermatology and lung function laboratory. He also looks after children with breathing problems such as cough, breathlessness and has links with chest physiotherapy.

Dr. David has published papers on asthma and developed guidelines in the UK on milk allergy. He worked on a recent paper looking at why children and adults die from asthma in UK and wrote the school guideline for asthma attacks with the DHA. In the past he was a school doctor at DESS.

Dr. David is a Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and is an examiner for them. He has presented at National meetings in UK, Dubai and Sharjah.

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