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Marwa A. Elbadawy

Marwa A. Elbadawy

Specialist Dermatologist
Fakeeh University Hospital
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Marwa started practicing Dermatology and laser in 1998, she got her master’s degree in 2001. Her field of interest is Dermato-oncology and Dermoscopy. Dr. Elbadawy is holding a Medical Doctorate, 2007 in common cutaneous malignancies. She has a certificate in dermoscopy from Cardiff University, London, 2017. She is an Advanced Dermoscopy certified dermatologist from Queensland University, NZ, 2017, 2018. She has a diploma in dermoscopy from Healthcert, International dermoscopy society, AU, 2020.

Dr. Marwa’s recent interest is in the use of AI (Artificial intelligence) in dermatology. she organized several workshops enhancing the knowledge and skill among Dermatologists in the field of dermoscopy.

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