Nicola di Meo

Nicola di Meo


Nicola di Meo

Medical Doctor at Azienda Sanitaria Univeritaria Integrata Di Trieste, Italy

Dr. Nicola di Meo is a Medical Doctor and Researcher at the ASUITS Dermatology Clinic in Trieste, Italy. Lecturer at the School of Specialization in Dermatology of the UniTS. Lecturer at CLOP UniTS. Author of more than 150 scientific contributions. Expert in dermatoscopy and early diagnosis of skin tumours.

Short Description of the Lectures:

  1. Early Dermoscopic Diagnosis of Basal Cell Carcinoma and Dermoscopical Assessment of Surgical Margins

    Dermatoscopy is a very useful tool for diagnosing not only melanoma but also non melanoma skin cancer. Early recognition of a basal cell carincoma <5mm is crucial for its therapeutic management. In addition, dermoscopy ensures better control of surgical margins.

  2. Dermoscopy Beyond Skin Tumors
    Dermoscopy is not only a useful tool for the early detection of skin cancers. Recently, this technique has also been used for the recognition of many inflammatory and infectious diseases. Its use is often able to replace the skin biopsy and the study of new patterns and a new dermatoscopic language helps the dermatologist in the diagnostic accuracy.