Artur Bezugly

Artur Bezugly


Artur Bezugly

Associate Professor at Dermatology Department, Academy of Postgraduate Education of the Russian Federal Medical-Biological Agency

Dr. Artur is a member of the International Society for Biophysics and Imaging of the Skin, he is also a member of the Dermatologic Ultrasound international group (EFSUMB coordinated).
He is an author of the 50 publications in scientific medical peer reviewed journals.

Dr. Artur is an internationally recognized expert in Skin High Frequency Ultrasound Diagnostics.
He was a speaker at many conferences and courses. His area of scientific and practical interests is in noninvasive human skin study and measurement methods, for diagnostics in Dermatology, Oncology and Aesthetic Medicine, and Physiotherapeutic methods in Aesthetic Dermatology.

Short Description of the Lecture & Workshop

  1. Noninvasive Skin Pathology Evaluation: High Frequency Dermascanning
    High Frequency Ultrasound (HFU) skin imaging is the diagnostic procedure for the objective noninvasive skin morphology study. HFU has the capacity for quantitative measurement, and differentiation of the inflammatory, exudative, cystic, sclerotic, atrophic, necrotic changes, benign and malignant skin tumors.
    The HFU applications for skin imaging at scleroderma patients. Scleroderma stages monitoring.
    HFU useful for the lesion precise localization detection, the definition of the tissues involved in the pathologic process, lesion size and margins measurements, interaction with the surrounding tissues assessment. This diagnostics information is essential for the treatment choice and treatment efficacy monitoring.

  2. Deep Noninvasive Skin Imaging High Frequency Ultrasound Applications – Fillers, Dermasugery, Skin Tumors
    The practical High frequency (HFU) dermascanning applications. Clinical cases presentation and hands-on practice.
    HFU skin tumors imaging and measurements. HFU diagnostic algorithms for skin tumors treatment choice.
    HFU skin scars measurements and monitoring. HFU skin scars treatment navigation.
    HFU skin and soft tissues assessment before the filler injection. HFU skin fillers detection and differentiation.
    HFU fillers complications diagnostics for the proper treatment choice.